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T5 sleep monitor

T5 sleep monitor

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  • Pruveeo T5 sleep monitor,new concept health care monitoring system,based on cutting-edge millimeter Wave radar technology, real time remote monitor the statistics of heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep quality at rest.
  • Installed at the head of the bed, with adjustable angle, 360° loving care.No video recording, no contact, no need to wear, no sense of restraint, no radiation, and the mobile APP can intelligently sense the activity status, protect the privacy of family members.
  • The mobile phone APP connects the device through the room WiFi, and remotely monitors the breathing, heartbeat, body-movement ,whether it is online, whether there is a sleep report, and can switch between multiple devices.
  • Daily push sleep reports, in-depth analysis of sleep and health with pictures and texts, online query of historical sleep analysis reports and the latest sleep analysis reports. Generate targeted health improvement suggestions, communicate and deliver care.
  • Personalized Abnormal Reminder 3 abnormal alarm levels (standard mode, not disturb mode, your own) to meet the needs of different users in different occasions.
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