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Type-C Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

Type-C Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

  • The built-in three-axis gyroscope uses the vibration and displacement principles of the three-axis gyroscope to detect the movement, vibration, or stationary state of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moving, power is supplied to the dash cam, and when the vehicle is stationary, power is stopped. When the vehicle vibrates, power is supplied to the dash cam to realize the parking monitoring function. It will stop the power supply when the vehicle is stationary for 3 minutes or 10 minutes.
  • It provides a standard OBD interface and supplies power through the vehicle's OBD interface. Compared with the ordinary hardwire kit on the market, the installation is more convenient and simpler, and there is no need to pay for installation.
  • 5V voltage output, maximum output current 3A, TYPE-C Interface, compatible with most dash cams on the market that use Mini USB interface, and can provide 24-hour parking monitoring function for the dash cam.
  • With a low-voltage protection function, when the vehicle voltage is lower than 11.6V, or the voltage you set, the radar hardwire kit will automatically stop working to prevent the car battery from being exhausted and the car from being unable to start.
  • The sensitivity and minimum voltage of the radar hardwire kit can be adjusted to achieve optimal working conditions.
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